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Safe Environment 

Thank you for your interest in St. Philip Neri’s ministries. We are happy to have you become an active volunteer of our faith community! St. Philip Neri is committed to providing a safe environment for all members of our faith community, especially children and vulnerable adults. In accordance with the Diocese of Charleston requirements, parish volunteers and catechists must complete several compliance items detailed below before participating in parish ministry and formation.

Safe Environment Training

All volunteers with access to children must complete a course in Safe Environment training. This program, Safe Haven – It’s Up to You, is intended to educate volunteers and catechists to recognize and prevent sexual abuse and misconduct. This course is completed online at https://charleston.CMGconnect.org.

Click here for Safe Environment Training Instructions.

Once the Safe Environment training has been completed, download and print the certificate, or email it directly to Mary Harden, St. Philip Neri Safe Environment Coordinator at faithformationdirector@saintphilipneri.org. Completion of this training must be verified before approval of one’s ability to volunteer and have contact with children is granted.


Background Screening

According to the Office of Child Protection Service of the Diocese of Charleston, all those volunteers over the age of 18 with regular access to children must complete a background screening packet before they can participate in selected ministries. Individuals interested in volunteering must fill out the necessary forms in their entirety and return them to the Parish Office. Click here for the Background Screening Forms

Background Screening Basic Data Form asks for standard personal information.

Consent to Release Information Form authorizes the parish to request a background check, The form is submitted to the Diocese of Charleston by the parish for processing.

Employee/Volunteer Driver Application Form must be completed only if the volunteer opportunity requires the operation of a motor vehicle.

Credit Authorization Form must be completed only if the volunteer opportunity involves access to funds and/or financial decisions.


Forms from Diocesan Policy

The Diocese has also directed that volunteers for selected ministries complete two other forms prior to their involvement. In December 2011, based on the mandate for a Safe Environment within the Church, the Diocese of Charleston enacted The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and The Code of Conduct for Church Personnel. Click here for the Charter. Click here for the Code of Conduct

Prospective volunteers must read, understand and agree to the mandate set forth in the Charter and Code of Conduct and sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt. Click here for the Acknowledge of Receipt.

As part of the regular practice at the Diocese of Charleston, the Diocese will audit the Safe Environment compliance files regularly. Active volunteers will have background checks renewed every five years and may be randomly renewed more often. You will be contacted by the diocese if a renewal is required.

If you do not have access to the internet or are unable to work online, please contact Mary Harden, Safe Environment Coordinator at 803.548.7282 x 226.

Please visit the diocesan website, www.charlestondiocese.org for additional information about the Safe Environment program. 

Reporting Sexual Abuse or Misconduct

The Catholic Church affirms the inherent dignity of each human being as created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, each person possesses inherent dignity. The sexual abuse of a minor is a violation of that person’s dignity for which there is no justification. Minors especially deserve the protection of society, since they cannot adequately provide it for themselves. The Diocese of Charleston is adamant that the abuse of children, including physical injury, sexual molestation, sexual exploitation, or grave emotional damage, will not be tolerated by anyone. Mandatory reporters are legally required to report allegations of sexual abuse or misconduct. Please refer to the forms below.

Click here for How to Report an allegation.

Click here for Reporting Form.

Click here for Victim Assistance Information